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Webinar: The Energy Crisis, Causes and Solutions

Net Zero Watch

Energy has become a key driver of rapidly rising global inflation. The UK has been particularly badly hit, with its inflation rate looking set to rise beyond 10% in the coming months. While domestic consumers have been hit with a staggering £700 (54%) increase in their electricity and gas bills, businesses are facing even steeper rises. Just what is behind these vast increases? Who is to blame? And what can be done to fix this mess?

Joining Net Zero Watch’s Head of Policy, Harry Wilkinson, to discuss these vital questions are: Andy Mayer, Chief Operating Officer at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Dr John Constable, Director of Energy at Net Zero Watch, and Kathryn Porter, Energy Consultant at Watt-Logic.


Andy Mayer

Chief Operating Officer @ Institute of Economic Affairs

Andy Mayer is an energy analyst and Chief Operating Officer at the IEA. Andy worked as Head of Public Affairs, UK & Ireland at BASF plc for seven years. He has over 20 years of experience in strategic communications and the operations that support them in the business and think tank worlds. He is a regular commentator on energy issues in the UK broadcast and print media.

Dr John Constable

Energy Director @ Net Zero Watch

John Constable is Energy Director of Net Zero Watch and the Global Warming Policy Foundation. Amongst his many energy-related publications are: Hydrogen: the once and future Fuel? (GWPF: London, 2020), The Green Mirage: Why the low carbon economy may be further off than we think (Civitas: London, 2011), and Shortfall, Rebound, Backfire: Can we rely on energy efficiency to offset climate policy costs? (REF: London, 2012). He is also Director of the Renewable Energy Foundation.

Kathryn Porter

Energy Consultant @ Watt-Logic

Kathryn Porter is an independent consultant who has worked in the financial and energy markets since 1997; having worked in senior origination, structuring and pricing related roles at Centrica, EDF, Société Générale, Barclays Capital, Commerzbank and Deloitte. She advises clients on all aspects of wholesale gas and electricity markets; as well as supporting them in energy market entry, new business / asset evaluation, energy risk management and financing. She has been an Associate of The Utility Market Experts (a working community of accessible independent industry experts) since September 2017. She writes a regular blog on energy issues which can be found on the Watt Logic website.