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The GWPF 2020 Temperature Prediction Competition

Global Warming Policy Forum

With the results of the 2019 temperature competition just out, readers who missed out on the big prize will no doubt be desperate for another chance in 2020. So here it is: the 2020 GWPF Global Temperature Prediction Competition.

The HadCRUT4 average for 2019 was 0.74°C. The Met Office is again predicting a bit of warming, suggesting that the average will nudge up to 0.80°C.

But what about you? Are they right? Or will temperatures start to cool? There are always lots of people from the “It’s the Sun” community ready to predict an icy plunge. Is this the year it happens? Tell us below. Simply enter your guess and your details in the form below and we’ll reckon up the same time next year. The prize will be a bottle of whisky and a £50 Amazon voucher.

Good luck!

Update 3 February:

Entries are now closed. Good luck to everyone taking part.