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Christopher Booker: The Paris Climate Flop Leaves Britain Alone In the Dark

Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

Finally, ultra-greens and climate sceptics agree on something: that the climate conference was a flop

No sooner were world leaders congratulating themselves last weekend on having reached their “historic agreement” to save the planet by scrapping all those “dirty” fossil fuels than two groups – normally bitterly opposed to each other – were united in deriding the meaningless absurdity of what had happened.

The ultra-greens, led by the “father of the global warming scare” James Hansen, immediately hailed the agreement, which committed no one to anything, as no more than a “fake” and a “fraud”. Clued-up “climate sceptics” equally recognised that this much-vaunted “non-treaty” was indeed – precisely as I predicted here on November 1 – “the flop of the year”.

It really is time for us all to grasp just what a charade all that wishful thinking in Paris turned out to be. Lost in their self-deluding group-think, the 40,000 delegates may have been happy to cheer the idea that we must abolish fossil fuels. But not one pointed out that the world currently depends on fossil fuels to provide nearly 87 per cent of all the energy it uses. Those useless “renewables” they want us all to use instead – based on the wind and the sun – supply less than 2 per cent.

But equally buried from sight in Paris was the openly declared intention of China, India and pretty well every “emerging economy” in the world to build thousands more coal-fired power stations, causing their “carbon emissions” to double or even treble. Global emissions in the next 15 years are set to soar, without any effect on the climate.

All of which leaves the countries of the West, which momentarily fooled the media into thinking that anything at all had been achieved by that PR stunt in Paris, in a ludicrously isolated position.

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