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The UK Media’s Most Important Analysis of Climategate

The Clamour of The Times: I post links to many newspaper articles and comments on this site. Today, I publish a link to what is possibly the most trenchant and thorough analysis yet made in the UK media of Climategate or Warmergate. This is potentially devastating for ‘global warming’ science, and it should, if there is any real transparency and straightforwardness, be media-changing in the UK.

It is deeply to their credit that this well-researched article appears in the Mail on Sunday, a popular newspaper – Britain’s second biggest-selling Sunday – often much derided by the so-called ‘heavies’, such as The Guardian and The Times. Yet, this piece, by David Rose, is better than anything the old broadsheets have managed to publish.

It is also a major piece – a full two-page spread (p.12 & 13) in the newspaper and e-edition [trial registration required] under the banner headline of ‘WARMERGATE’], and the article needs to be read from start to finish to grasp the importance of what is being said.

So, here, is our Sunday reading over the cornflakes – at last in the UK, a masterly deconstruction of the significance of Climategate and beyond, including the emerging problem of potentially the biggest smoking gun of all, namely temperature adjustment:

‘SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Climate change emails row deepens as Russians admit they DID come from their Siberian server’

[Note also the extremely important inset comments of the Liberal Democrat MP and frontbencher, Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk, whose famous father, Professor Hubert Lamb, founded the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.]