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Tony Abbott Vows To Scrap Carbon Scheme If Elected

Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is confident a Coalition government can scrap the carbon pricing scheme, saying seizing carbon emission permits from business need not cost billions in compensation. Mr Abbott has vowed to scrap Labor’s scheme, which is due to be passed by Parliament in November with the support of the Greens, if he is elected to government at the next election.

Labor and the Greens say dismantling it would cost billions of dollars to compensate businesses for emissions permits they’d purchased, because it would deprive them of an asset and breach the constitution.

But Mr Abbott said today that while the Government had been “very sneaky” in structuring the complicated scheme, he believed there were ways to take it apart.

“During the fixed-price phase of the carbon tax (from 2012 to 2015) I think we can close it down, and we will close it down without incurring the billions in liabilities that the (government) is talking about,” Mr Abbott told Macquarie Radio.

“It is typical of this Government that they would try to booby-trap their legislation so that people couldn’t then repeal a bad law.

“But we will … and if we need a double dissolution (election) we will have one.”

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said transparent and secure property rights were fundamental to any efficient and well-functioning market and would give investors certainty and confidence.

“It’s critical that this Parliament passes that legislation and provides certainty to business so they can get on with the job of making the investments that are necessary in clean energy in particular,” he told Parliament.

As debate continued in Parliament on the clean energy legislation, a member of Mr Abbott’s Coalition team today argued against the science of climate change.

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