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Too Dangerous To Go Fishing Due To Ice, Canadian Coast Guard Warns

CBC News

The Canadian Coast guard is telling Newfoundland fishermen not to go fishing because of sea ice that’s packed into bays on the northeast coast of the island.

“I would definitely say don’t go out,” said Trevor Hodgson, superintendent of ice for the Atlantic region.

“If you’re in port, that’s the safest place for you to be. If you’re out of port, in open water, don’t try and get back through that ice pack to get into port. Choose another, alternate route,” Hodgson added.

It’s particularly bad now because of the storm that hit the island over the long holiday weekend pushing thick, heavy ice into shore.

Hodgson said he’s fearful fishermen are going out not realizing the potential danger.

Sea ice, Lumsden

The Canadian coast guard says it has assisted 29 vessels stuck in ice this year, compared with only three last year. (Submitted)

“It’s definitely not something that an icebreaker may be able to assist you through. It’s something that you’re probably going to get stuck in for a few days,” he said.

Hodgson said the dense, heavy, tough ice is similar to what’s found in the Arctic. It’s been crushed up by the storm and has heavy packed ice underneath it.

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