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Top Scientist Shoots the Climate Change Alarmists Down in Flames

Harry Wilkinson, The Conservative Woman

One of the world’s most eminent atmospheric physicists has hit back at the latest climate-change alarmism from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Giving the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s Annual Lecture on Monday, Professor Richard S Lindzen launched a scathing attack on the scientific illiteracy of politicians and activists who claim ‘the science is settled’ and demand ‘unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’.

Professor Lindzen, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, argued that it was totally implausible for such a complex ‘multifactor system’ as the climate to be summarised by just one variable, global mean temperature change, and primarily controlled by just a 1-2 per cent variance in the energy budget due to CO2.

Providing a much-needed antidote to the latest climate change clap-trap from the IPCC, Lindzen described how ‘an implausible conjecture backed by false evidence repeated incessantly has become “knowledge,” used to promote the overturn of industrial civilisation’.

Directly criticising the extravagant models for which climate scientists have become famous, Lindzen likens them to ‘the formula for being an expert marksman: shoot first and declare whatever you hit to be the target.’ This, he says, cannot be evidence for anything.

The BBC says that all scientists agree on the need to limit warming to 1.5 degrees; Lindzen’s highly informed testimony instantly refutes this absurd claim. You can read it here.

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