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Tories Fear UK Pledge Of Millions To Climate Fund Could Lead To By-Election Defeat

Nick Reilly, Metro News

Plans for the government to donate (sic) hundreds of millions of pounds to a new Green Climate Fund could lead voters away from the Tories in an upcoming by-election.

Tories fear UK donation of millions to climate fund could lead to by-election defeat

David Cameron’s decision to pledge climate change funding could prove costly (Picture: Reuters)

Senior Tories fear that the contribution has jeopardised the party’s chances of obtaining votes from potential UKIP supporters – skeptical of climate change claims and opposed to foreign aid.

David Cameron has done little to address these fears, by refusing to disclose the precise amount that Britain plans to donate to the fund, although he stressed that the money would come from existing funds.

Mr Cameron said: ‘All we have to do now is to decide how much of this already-set-aside money we put into this specific fund and, as ever, Britain will play its part’.

‘It will not be new money, it will be money already set aside for that purpose’.

While the UK has already donated £1.5 billion to tackle climate change since 2009, it is the first time that the Government has pledged cash to the Green Climate Fund, which is expected to be more costly.

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