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Tories Place Energy Policy At Heart Of Manifesto

Euan Mearns, Energy Matters

In a surprise move, The Conservatives have placed the reform of energy policy at the heart of their manifesto launched today pledging to repeal the loathed 2008 Climate Change Act in the first session of the new parliament should they be elected.

At the launch Mr Cameron said:

….The 2008 Climate Change Act is Labour policy of the worst sort. It has enslaved the energy producers to the state with progressively complex regulation that is leading to bankruptcies and nationalisation. It has enslaved the UK government to unrepresentative Green NGOs and their continual whining about CO2 emissions and renewable energy. It is time for Britain to stand up for itself once again.

….Conservatives are in favour of small government and a fair society. Why should pensioners pay more for their electricity in order to line the pockets of wealthy land owners?

Mr Cameron added that Feed In Tariffs (FITs) and Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) would be abolished immediately. There would be no more subsidising of inefficiency. Existing FITs and ROCs would be phased out over 5 years. […]

Ed Davey speaking on behalf of the Liberal Democrats said:

This is the best news for the Lib Dems for years. This is bound to be a vote loser for the Tories. We need more wind turbines, not less. We need more pylons, not less. We need to build interconnectors, wave farms, tidal barrages and pumped storage dams to protect our environment. That’s what the public wants and they don’t mind paying more for their electricity when they know that their selfless action today may save a polar bear tomorrow.

When asked to comment Nigel Farage said:

Well the Tories have basically photocopied our energy policy and are trying to make it their own.

When asked if he would form a coalition with the Tories now that they had common ground on energy policy Mr Farage replied:

Yes, UKIP would consider it so long as UKIP’s main election pledge to cut 50p from the price of a pint was honoured.

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