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Total Failure Of The Climate Crusade

Anthony Watts, WattsUpWithThat

Coal power has the same global energy share it had 20 years ago

A couple of days ago, we noted that this year’s edition of BP’s annual Statistical Review of World Energy report on global energy use is out, and it contains one of the most telling charts about the failure of the climate crusade’s “war on coal” ever presented.

Most of the lamestream media coverage has focused on this particular chart from the BP report,  which shows coal having a small uptick in 2017 after several years of decline. Doesn’t look like much, does it? Just a blip. Nothing for the enviro-faithful to worry about, the net trend is still down, right? They are blaming president Trump for it.


But, despite Trump’s focus on putting coal miners back to work during his presidency, that really doesn’t figure in much for the rest of the world.

Here is the real kick in the pants for environmentalists from the BP report:

(drum roll please) …….

Coal has the same share of global power generation it had 20 years ago

In 1997, coal power had a 38 percent share of global power generation.

And….in 2017, despite billions being thrown at renewable energy, it still had a 38 percent share of global power generation….

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