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Trade Union Rebukes Scottish Labour Party Over Fracking Stance

Hamish Macdonell, The Times

Kezia Dugdale has been dealt an embarrassing rebuke over fracking by one of her party’s biggest union supporters.

In a detailed criticism of her outright opposition to fracking, the GMB union accused the Scottish Labour leader of chasing votes rather than jobs.

It declared that had Labour’s nervous approach to fracking been in place 50 years ago, Scotland would have not enjoyed the North Sea oil boom that revolutionised Scottish industry in the 1970s and 1980s.

The SNP administration has placed a temporary ban on the process of extracting shale gas through hydraulic fracturing of rock — fracking — while it decides whether that process is safe.

Under Ms Dugdale’s leadership, Scottish Labour has become resolutely anti-fracking and now wants to introduce a bill banning the controversial technique in Scotland completely.

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