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Trade Unions Wanted Carbon Tax. Now They Want Compensation

First these unions demanded useless global warming policies that would hurt their own members. Now, the fools, they want other taxpayers to save their members from the costs of what they’ve wrought:

UNIONS that championed the carbon tax are now seeking wage rises to compensate workers for higher living costs – alarming employers who fear the new tax will fuel the cost of production and labour.

The 39,000-strong Together union will factor in the cost of the carbon tax during enterprise bargaining negotiations with the Queensland government this year. Union secretary Alex Scott said the federal government’s $8 billion household compensation package would not offset the cost of the carbon tax for all workers from July 1.

“They are compensating 60 per cent of people for some of it,” he said yesterday. “That’s far from full compensation. We want to make sure we don’t go backwards in terms of cost of living.”

Together, an amalgamation of the Australian Services Union and the Queensland Public Sector Union, has members in the public service, including doctors and prison officers, as well as administrative staff in universities and airlines.