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Trial By Media: Accuser ‘Deeply Distrubed’ By Pachauri’s Guardian Interview

Rishika Baruah, The Quint India

Sexual harassment accused RK Pachauri’s interview to The Guardian has created quite a stir. The complainant alleges that while The Guardian had also reached out to her for her response, they did not publish her reply.

The Quint reported the entire list of questions asked and the complainant’s response through her lawyer.

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Speaking to The Quint, the complainant accuses RK Pachauri of sharing ‘select’ evidence in the case with the media.

This is extremely serious that ‘evidence’ in the case are being given to the media. I was never even shown these said emails and how can ‘select evidence texts’ be put out. The matter is sub judice. Speaking on merits is extremely serious. It is these stunts that actually classify to initiate a trial by the media. How contradictory that on one hand the accused says he was hacked and then he apparently has ‘some’ emails from me.

The complainant further alleges that while Pachauri is trying to leak ‘selected’ conversations, the evidence she submitted to the Delhi Police was not one-sided.

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