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Trump, House GOP Agree On Key To 2020 Win: Green New Deal

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BALTIMORE — Republicans gathered here to plot strategy for taking back the House majority in next year’s election believe they could get help from an unlikely source: the progressive Green New Deal.

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President Trump and leaders meeting for a three-day House GOP retreat took turns bashing the sweeping plan for eliminating carbon emissions that they paint as a sign of creeping socialism. The president and GOP said they believe they can gain the 19 seats needed to take back the House.

“The Green New Deal, we just want that thing to go as long as it can,” Trump told Republicans at a dinner last night. “Anybody that can win office promoting the Green New Deal, they deserve to win [because] they have the greatest line of crap anybody has had in the history of politics.”

Trump suggested Republicans withhold their attacks on the Green New Deal and leader sponsor Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) until closer to the elections so Democrats would not have time to reverse their positions.

Despite his own warning, Trump went on to argue the plan to achieve zero emissions by 2030 is “insane” and “crazy,” warning it would cost trillions of dollars and eliminate cows and planes.

“We won’t let Democrats obliterate industry and cripple working-class families with sky-high energy prices,” the president added to applause.

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