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UK Climate Crisis Flip

Jamie Jessop, Climate Scepticism

A couple of weeks is a long time in the British climate. In late May we were being told to expect a 3 month heatwave, possibly even the ‘hottest summer ever’.

The Sun, on May 22nd said:

The Weather Outlook today released its forecast for the next three months, predicting “above average” temperatures and “below average rainfall” across June, July and August.

It warned: “At this stage a summer with above average temperatures is thought probable.

“The signal for rainfall is weak, but it is slightly in favour of drier than average conditions over the three month period.

Speaking to the Sun Online, the Met Office said early predictions had suggested “drier, warmer weather” than normal for the season.

Meteorologist Martin Bowles said: “There are broad suggestions that there is a slightly greater chance of dry and warm weather than average.

Well here we are, 10 days into the glorious, dry sunny summer heatwave and the outlook has changed ever so slightly.

With British temperatures recently rivalling the Mediterranean, it may have seemed that summer had firmly arrived. 

But June is now odds on to be the wettest on record, with yellow weather warnings issued for the coming week and the country set to be deluged by heavy rain. 

England is expected to see four days of rain, as forecasters at the Met Office warn of potential floods across the south east.

Meteorologists claimed that 20 hours of continual downpours could be seen on Monday.

But I am willing to bet my house, my car and my entire wardrobe that a couple of weeks is no time at all in Climate Change Cloud Cuckoo Land and that, if we do get a record wet June, this will be evidence of the ongoing climate emergency just as surely as a very hot June would have been irrefutable proof of ‘climate breakdown’.

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