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British Climate Minister Voted Out, Green LibDems Nearly Wiped Out

The Mirror

Climate change secretary Ed Davey has lost his seat to the Conservative party, in an election night that has seen the Liberal Democrats presence in the House of Commons decimated.

Davey became the first cabinet minister to lose his seat since 1997, when he lost his Kingston and Surbiton seat to Tory challenger James Berry.

It came just minutes after Lib Dem business minister Jo Swinson lost her seat to the Scottish National Party.

Mr Davey saw a majority of 7,560 votes evaporate to lose the Kingston and Surbiton seat he had held since 1997 to the Conservatives by a margin of almost 3,000 votes.

Having been appointed as employment relations, consumer and postal affairs minister in 2010, he was promoted to Energy and Climate Change Secretary in February 2012, after his Lib Dem colleague Chris Huhne was forced to resign when he was charged with perverting the course of justice by making his wife take his speeding points.

The job, one of six Cabinet positions the Lib Dems held as junior partners in the coalition, gave the party the chance to exercise their green credentials.

Mr Davey claimed credit for leading the bid to secure a “massive increase” in renewable electricity in the UK and for winning concessions from the Treasury over a potential target to slash emissions from the power sector by 2030 and preserving targets to cut emissions in the mid-2020s.

And he led negotiations for the UK on the world stage at UN climate talks in Qatar, Poland and Peru.

But he admitted earlier this year it was “quite likely” he would no longer be Energy and Climate Change Secretary by the time crucial talks on securing a new global deal to tackle change take place in Paris in December.

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