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UK Should Export Energy To Europe, Says EU

Nathan Rao, Daily Express

A top German politician sparked fury last night by saying Britain should export some of our limited energy resources to Europe.


EU Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger’s comments sparked outrage

EU Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger was accused of being “out of touch” after suggesting the UK has resources “few countries elsewhere can even dream of”.

He said Scotland is on the verge of becoming “an energy powerhouse of Europe” with half of its power already green.

His comments were described as “nonsense” by Roger Helmer, Ukip’s energy spokesman, who said Britain is facing an energy crisis as power stations close to meet EU green directives.

Within three years, domestic energy generation is expected to drop from 15 per cent to below five per cent.

Mr Helmer said: “In a few years we are in danger of blackouts as domestic production falls. We are running out of energy and this is down to nonsense diktats from Europe.

“To say that Britain should stay a member of the EU so we can sell them energy is just daft.”

Ian Fells, emiritus professor of Energy Conversion at Newcastle University, said: “Where do they think we have all this energy we can spare to send to Europe. It seems he [Oettinger] is a bit out of touch with reality.”

Daily Express, 2 March 2013