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UK Government Report: Global Warming May Be Beneficial To Britain

Jonanthan Leake, The Sunday Times

A surge in global temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions could create a boost for parts of the British economy, a government report will suggest this week.

The National Adaptation programme, to be published tomorrow by Defra, the environment ministry, will suggest that farming, forestry and tourism will all benefit from warmer summers, while shipping will profit from the shorter sea routes caused by the melting of the ice caps.

It will even say that rising warmth might boost Britons’ health, encouraging them to spend more time outdoors, where exposure to sunshine would boost vitamin D levels.

The report’s main aim is to set out how government, firms, communities and civil society should prepare for and adapt to the threats from climate change. Scientists have warned it is likely to bring an increase in storms, droughts, floods and other extreme weather events.

A preliminary report, the Climate Change Risk Assessment, suggests there will also be benefits, with farming and forestry seeing surging crop yields, and warmer temperatures boosting growing rates. Warmer weather would also make the UK more appealing to tourists.

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