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UK Government Takes New Steps To Block Onshore Wind Farms


Trade association RenewableUK said it is “shocked and disappointed” at news that Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles is to extend his control over all onshore wind decisions.

The industry group reacted with anger at what they described as the Government’s “anti-business, anti-localism” agenda and the decision to allow one man to personally decide the fate of each and every onshore wind farm in England.

Last week, ClickGreen revealed the approval rate for planned renewable energy installations in the UK has halved in the space of just three years and so far this year the success rate for onshore wind projects was just 24%.

Communities and Local Government Secretary Pickles announced in October 2013 that he would recover more renewable energy projects in England for a 6 month period, so he could determine how new planning guidance was being implemented.

Today he announced that he will be extending his period of pulling in decisions on renewable energy projects for a further 12 months. The announcement means that he has the option to take the final decision to consent or refuse all onshore wind farms in England personally.

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