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UK Households Conned About ‘Green Energy’

The Times

Households trying to “go green” with their energy supply are being let down by misleading tariffs, a report states.

An analysis of 54 dual-fuel deals with a green component has found that only one in five comes from 100 per cent renewable sources. More than half have no renewable gas component at all and most of the rest offer only carbon offset schemes that have been criticised as ineffective and open to exploitation.

Two out of three tariffs offered by one company with the word “green” in the title include no renewables at all.

About one in seven households is on such a tariff and one million homes are supplied with “green” gas, an increase of 150 per cent in a year.

The study says that recent events, such as the Extinction Rebellion protests and Sir David Attenborough’s programme Climate Change — The Facts have increased demand for green energy deals. It says, however, that consumers wanting to switch are being let down by an industry lacking transparency.

Peter Earl, of, which conducted the study, said: “The energy market clearly has a way to go before it is able to offer all consumers a truly green option. We can see customer appetite is there but in the majority of cases what is currently on offer doesn’t quite meet the mark for consumers and the current labelling of ‘green’ can be confusing. We need more renewable energy, more price competition and a greater array of green tariffs that are properly and transparently labelled. People want to change and it’s time the industry delivered.”

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