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UK Shale Development To Begin In Earnest In 2018

Steel Guru

UK shale gas companies are expected to launch large-scale fracking of gas in the northern English counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire in 2018 amid protests of environmentalists against the authorities’ decision to grant permission for such activities.

Mr Francis Egan CEO of Cuadrilla company said in relation to the start of fracking in the United Kingdom, “We will see results next year. None of us can say with certainty what the results will be, of course.”

The corporate affairs director of the IGas company Ann-Marie Wilkinson, said that the upcoming year will be crucial for the shale gas industry in the United Kingdom.

Wilkinson said that “In terms of moving the industry forward, it [2018] is very significant. The most important thing is to demonstrate it can be done safely and environmentally safe, and bring communities along with us.”

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