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UK Steelworkers’ Union Clashes With Labour Over Fracking

Ben Webster, The Times

A steelworkers’ union has accused Labour of ignoring the needs of “fragile communities” that are short of jobs by pledging to ban fracking.

Community will become the second union with strong links to the party to denounce its anti-fracking policy.

In September the GMB union described Labour’s proposed ban as “madness”, saying it would leave Britain dependent on foreign gas from “regimes fronted by henchmen, hangmen and headchoppers”.

Community will announce today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with UK Onshore Oil and Gas, the industry trade body. John Park, union assistant general secretary, said Labour rushed to adopt its policy without considering the evidence. […]

Mr Park said that fracking would create many jobs directly and also support the steel industry by increasing demand for steel pipes used in mile-deep wells.

He said that in addition the steel industry, being energy intensive, would benefit from plentiful new supplies of domestic gas.

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