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UN Climate Poker: India Demands Western Compensation For CO2 Emissions

The Economic Times of India

Asserting that it has been a strong champion of equity, India today said developed countries should compensate developing nations for the effects their greenhouse gas emissions have had on climate.

Susheel Kumar, interim head of the Indian delegation, said India’s goal on adaptation during the UN climate change summit talks here is for it “to be there in the entire text.”

“We would also like a long-term global goal for adaptation to be clearly articulated in qualitative and quantitative terms.” Kumar said, adding that “for a developing country, adaptation becomes a more immediate need (than mitigation).”

Ministerial-level talks will begin next week which will be attended by Environment Minister Prakash Javedkar on December 7.

India would like developed countries to compensate developing nations for the effects their emissions have had on climate.

India believes that developed countries should be held responsible for their high levels of emissions which have caused harm to developing countries, like itself. That responsibility should come in the form of compensation and a fair 2015 Paris agreement. […]

India’s position is that no country’s right to development should be circumscribed and that the developing world must carry a unified voice over the course of the Lima talks if there is any hope for an equitable agreement, he asserted.

Currently, adaptation talks are progressing but text-based negotiations have not begun as yet as countries are still trying to determine what they will put forth in their final papers.

India’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) will likely not be ready until June 2015. The government plans to put forth a national plan lasting not less than 10 years, but preferably 15 years.

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