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UN Climate Talks Officially Delayed Until Saturday

Vishwa Mohan, The Times of India

The UN climate talks are officially delayed until Saturday. Overnight negotiations could not result into convergence on many issue.



Stage 5 of the UN Climate Ritual … breakthrough expected tomorrow

The next and final text, which was supposed to come on Friday, will now be released on Saturday morning and discussion will begin over it the same afternoon to bring out a global deal latest by the evening to save the world from the impacts of climate change through countries’ post-2020 actions.

As overnight negotiations could not result into convergence on many issues, the French foreign minister and COP21 president Laurent Fabius had to officially announce this morning that he would not present the text on Friday evening as he had thought earlier (to meet the deadline as the Paris talks was scheduled to be concluded on Friday by arriving at an agreement).

As overnight negotiations ran on, Fabius will now present the final text on Saturday morning so that the talks would conclude by the evening.

He said, “There is still work to do. Things are going on in right direction”.

Most of the decisive issues are still open. It include the climate finance, transparency of action and the crucial one on how to share responsibility between developed and developing countries.

China has strong objections on differentiation as it thinks the second text that came on Thursday night was an attempt to dilute this provision. Egypt on behalf of African Group, on the other hand, wants the ‘greenhouse gas neutrality’ should be removed from the second version of the text.

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