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UN Draft Declaration: Forests Will Help Mitigate Climate Change

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According to a leaked draft declaration of the UN Climate summit in Poland in early December nations will be asked to agree that forests are a central pillar in mitigating climate change.

In a draft statement intended to be adopted by all governments at this year’s major climate conference, host country Poland emphasised the “essential role of carbon sinks in mitigating climate change” and called on states to ensure “that global forest carbon stocks are maintained and further enhanced by 2050”.

The draft has been circulated to governments ahead of the meeting in Katowice in December. It calls on scientists from the UN climate science panel to “explore and quantify” the role of forests in storing carbon in “achieving a balance” with greenhouse gas pollution.

The declaration ends with the statement: “Finally [we] affirm that there is no future without tackling climate change, but there is no future without forests either.”

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