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Oh Dear: Climate Alarmists Throw Temper Tantrum, Refuse To Debate Sceptics

Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

Dozens of politicians, environmentalists, scientists and other global warming activists signed a letter announcing their refusal to take part in public debates with people critical of their global warming claims — in the name of science, of course.

“We are no longer willing to lend our credibility to debates over whether or not climate change is real. It is real. We need to act now or the consequences will be catastrophic,” reads the letter signed by 60 self-described “campaigners.”

The letter, published in The Guardian on Sunday, calls on the media to end the “false equivalence between an overwhelming scientific consensus and a lobby, heavily funded by vested interests” when it comes to global warming.

“As campaigners and thinkers who are led by science and the precautionary principle, and who wish to debate the real and vital issues arising from human-triggered climate change, we will not assist in creating the impression that climate denial should be taken seriously by lending credence to its proponents, by entertaining ideas that lack any basis in fact,” they wrote.

“Therefore we will no longer debate those who deny that human-caused climate change is real. There are plenty of vital debates to be had around climate chaos and what to do about it; this is simply no longer one of them. We urge broadcasters to move on, as we are doing,” they wrote.

Climate scientist Judith Curry, a veteran researcher and skeptic of claims of catastrophic warming, noted that “few of these signatories could credibly debate the complex science of what is causing climate change and its impacts.”

Michael Liebreich, a prominent U.K. conservative and founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, chastised the 60 letter signatories for running from public debates.

Refusing to debate those skeptical of catastrophic global warming is nothing new. A similar trend emerged a few years ago that included environmentalists and prominent scientists refusing to debate global warming skeptics in the media.

NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt refused to debate Roy Spencer, a skeptic climatologist at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, on Fox Business in 2013. Schmidt came on the show, but would not appear on TV simultaneously with Spencer.

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