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US Media: Trump To Cut Climate Programmes At EPA And NOAA

Deutsche Welle

US President Donald Trump has proposed reducing budget of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Washington Post reported. The cuts to NOAA could affect research, eliminate smaller initiatives and leave 3,000 people out of work.

USA Trump Rede vor dem Kongress (Reuters/J. Lo Scalzo)

The Commerce Department agency “would be hit by an overall 18 percent reduction,” the Post reports. NOAA’s satellite data division would lose 22 percent of its funding, or $513 million (483 million euros). However, an unnamed White House official cautioned the paper against reporting specific numbers during the “evolving” process.

The AP reports that Trump plans to reduce the Environmental Protection Agency’s staff by 20 percent now that campaign loyalist Scott Pruitt – who sued the EPA over regulations 14 times as Oklahoma’s attorney general – has taken charge. Trump plans to fund beefed-up military spending through massive cuts to domestic agencies and departments. He plans to submit his budget to Congress during the week of March 13.

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