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VW Warning: EU Climate Policies “Threaten The Very Existence” Of Germany’s Car Industry

GWPF & Spiegel Online

Stricter CO2 emission limits imposed by the EU are pushing Europe’s car industry to the “brink of collapse,” Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess has warned.

Diess lamented that the EU’s campaign against conventional petrol cars was “threatening the very existence” of Germany’s car industry.

“The current campaign against individual mobility and thus against conventional cars is reaching existence-threatening proportions.”

Diess also attacked the proposed switch to electric cars as detrimental to the environment because Germany’s electricity systems is still dominated by coal-fired power generation.

“Instead of using petrol or diesel, we’ll basically use coal, even if we’re electrically powered, and in the worst case we’ll use even lignite,” he said. “That drives the idea of electric mobility ad absurdum!”

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