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Water Shortages? Blame Them On Climate Change!

Paul Homewood, Not A Lot of People Know That

Much of the Environment Agency report is stacked full with unsubstantiated, apocalyptic nonsense, unworthy of a supposedly serious, official report.


England is facing water supply shortages by 2050 unless rapid action is taken to curb water use and wastage, the Environment Agency has warned.

Its new report says enough water to meet the needs of 20 million people is lost through leakage every day.

Population growth and the impact of climate change are expected to add to supply pressures.

The agency wants people to have a personal water target and has urged them to use water more wisely at home.

The study, the first major report on water resources in England, says that population growth and climate change are the biggest pressures on a system that is already struggling.


Sounds like the first step to permanent water rationing, at least in some areas (although the government deny it).

Certainly there are increasing demands, but is “climate change” making any difference at all?

The first thing to highlight is what the EA Report says about the current situation:

1) Average annual rainfall in England has not changed since records began in the 18th century.

2) There is no clear trend in the frequency or intensity of droughts

3) Changes in river flows have not been attributed to climate change

In other words, whatever climate change the UK has had in the last century has had no discernible effect on rainfall, in either direction.

And this can be seen quite clearly in the Met Office charts, both annually and seasonally:



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