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Waterless Fracking Being Trialled In Ohio

James Perkins, Shale Energy Insider

GasFrac Energy Services confirmed in its third quarterly report that it had begun drilling at its first well in the Utica shale formation, Ohio, utilising waterless fracking technology.

Generally in the fracking process vast quantities of water are used to extract the shale resource, however GasFrac has developed a “waterless” technology and instead uses a propane gel.

The company has claimed this method improves efficiency and mitigates the environmental impact, as there is no longer potentially contaminated water and the gel used can be completely recovered after fracking has occurred.

GasFrac president, Jason Munro, is confident that the method will give a better return from the Utica formation than other methods, where returns have not necessarily been as high as expected, “we think that we’ve got the right formula for the Utica in the oil window and we are very excited“.

The technology is in the initial stages of implementation and the company have not divulged the exact location of the well, nor any companies in partnership.

The company has begun to “attract customers to trial our technology and observe the specific impact on their wells and associated production”.

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