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Welsh Rebellion Over Wind Policy: ‘It’s An Environmental Disaster’

Opposition to wind power in rural Wales is said to be “total”, with communities threatening peaceful direct action and at least 20 groups fighting plans for 870 of the largest turbines in Powys alone.

“It’s only in the last few months that people have begun to understand the scale of what is happening. Even the business community is shocked. We can call on at least 5,000 people now for meetings,” said Richard Bonfield, former chair of mid-Wales Confederation of British Industry (CBI), who has helped organise protest rallies at the Welsh assembly in Cardiff and elsewhere.

“This is one of Wales’s biggest ever infrastructural projects and no one is now in favour except a few farmers. In the past we had a few small farms and turbines: we could accept them. But now we’re talking 120-metre-tall turbines and giant pylons. It is an environmental disaster.”

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