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We’ll Open A Nuclear Power Station Every 18 Months, Say Tories

One new nuclear power station would be opened every 18 months under a Conservative blueprint to avoid the first widespread electricity blackouts since the 1970s. Shadow energy spokesman Greg Clark told the Daily Mail there would be ‘no limit’ on the expansion of nuclear power under a Tory government.

‘In the past, we haven’t been entirely clear – this is a very clear statement that we are in favour of nuclear power,’ he said. 

Mr Clark said he intended to allow energy firms to open at least one new nuclear plant every 18 months, starting in 2018, to help plug a looming power gap.

A Conservative government would ask Parliament to approve a national energy plan, limiting the chances of legal challenges by environmental groups.

Mr Clark also set out proposals to reward communities which agree to host wind farms, saying they will benefit from discounted electricity bills and be allowed to keep business rates averaging £70,000 a year to spend locally.

The shadow minister, who will today unveil the Tories’ policy with David Cameron, warned that Britain has had no clear energy strategy for 13 years under Labour.

He said ministers had failed in their fundamental duty to ensure security and diversity in the nation’s energy supply.

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