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Power, coupled with a belief that certain people have no value, is a dangerous combination. As activists gear up for a global summit in London to pressure governments to spend more money on family planning, a British doctor is claiming thousands of elderly patients are killed each year due to a lack of hospital beds and caring nursing staff. Some say the population control movement is dead. These events show it has merely evolved.

Scratch the surface on either of these issues – government-supported family planning and euthanasia – and the same argument comes up.  It’s needed, don’t you know, because too many people are using up too few resources. Prettied up and sold as “individual choice over one’s body,” the harsh reality reveals elitists using slick methods to eliminate the weak for the greater good.

Dr. Patrick Pullicino told the Royal Society of Medicine in London that a method used by British hospitals for patients believed to be dying has turned into a means for euthanizing the elderly. The “death pathway” involves withdrawing treatments, including water and nourishment by tubes.

“Very likely many elderly patients who could live substantially longer are being killed,” he stated, “Patients are frequently put on the pathway without a proper analysis of their condition.”

The neurologist cites “pressure on beds and difficulty with nursing, confused or difficult-to-manage elderly patients” as reasons, reports The Daily Mail.

Britain’s nationalized health system is often looked to as what the U.S. health care system will become if President Obama’s overhaul of health insurance is fully implemented.  Dr. Pullicino’s chilling revelation backs up the fears that a top-down, government-run system may claim to provide what individuals want and need, but ultimately the decisions are made by those in charge.

Advocates for ObamaCare sold the plan as one where people would stay in control of their health care choices. At the same time, those behind the legislation were creating a byzantine system of agencies, panels, and compliance measures that would control the entire health care system, and, thus, individual’s choices and lives.

Anyone familiar with the family planning/population control/abortion movement could see this coming.

The horrors of the population control movement were justified as necessary to deal with a perceived population problem: too many people and dwindling resources.  China’s one-child policy is its living legacy. The recent news of coerced sterilizations in India through a program funded by the UK (and excused as a means to address climate change) is a dark reminder that population control has not faded away.

Here is the pattern: Declare a crisis, trumpet numbers (usually inflated, often from studies orchestrated from beginning to end to back up the crisis claim), pressure governments to act, and marshal money – boatloads of money – to address the crisis and feed the multitude of organizations and agencies that exist to address the crisis. A politician or organization’s “commitment” is measured not just by how much they spend, but how much more they spend each year. Call it a money-saver by diverting attention from the billions spent on the effort to the number of people not living.

We’re about to see this in action on July 11. That’s when The Family Planning Summit will take place in London. Appropriately, on World Population Day.

Sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (which funds India’s coercive sterilization program), the primary partners include International Planned Parenthood Foundation (the largest abortion provider) and UNFPA (which trained and funded China’s family planning agents).

Melinda Gates insists people are mistaken to associate family planning with abortion or population control.

This time, her partners say, it’s about enabling women to choose to have as small or large a family as they want.  Yet . . . by definition, The Family Planning Summit is about convincing women and governments to reduce the number of children born. Nice make-over, but the effort is still ugly to the bone.

It is well-known that women with schooling and jobs have fewer children. Planned Parenthood and UNFPA don’t provide either. But they know how to intimidate and will ruthlessly destroy anyone who impacts their bottom line. Their vicious attack on the Komen Foundation proved their priority is not women’s health; it’s accumulating power.

Power, coupled with a belief that certain people have no value, is a dangerous combination.

It’s convenient that The Family Planning Summit is in Britain. With up to 130,000 elderly euthanized each year, the participants can hop over to a hospital to see where their work will lead.

Turtle Bay and Beyond, 21 June 2012