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Where Did All The Green Jobs Go?

Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

The Government has stopped publishing “green jobs” data – but why?

The UK Govt is always bragging off about how their renewable policies will create zillions of new green jobs.


Last year they produced a 67 page report, “Low Carbon Environment Goods & Services”, to tell us well they were doing! It included this table.


As I pointed out at the time, many of the jobs had nothing to do with “low carbon” anything. Worse still, there had barely been any increase the first figures were published for 2008/09, particularly in the wind and solar sectors.


I have waiting with baited breath to see the latest figures for 2012/13, as I was sure Ed Davey would have waved his magic wand by now.

But still the latest report was not published, so I decided to FOI them.

And I have just received this reply.


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