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Who we are

Net Zero Watch highlights the serious implications of expensive and poorly considered climate change policies.

We will scrutinise policies, establish what they really cost, determine who will have to pay, and explore affordable alternatives.

Increasingly, conversations about climate and energy policy are becoming narrow and polarised. We are here to give you a clear view of the reality of climate and energy policies and what they mean for you.

We all want to see a cleaner and better environment for future generations, but if climate and energy policies are rushed and their costs and implications not fully thought through, they will almost certainly do more harm than good.

Key campaigning issues

For a balanced and open debate

Climate science and climate policies can only move forward if they can be freely and openly debated. We are concerned that a narrow ‘groupthink’ and cancel culture is limiting the discussion and preventing important issues and concerns being scrutinised. Net Zero Watch will be campaigning for more balanced and transparent scrutiny of climate science and policy research.

For achievable and cost-effective solutions

The UK and other European governments have burdened households and businesses with hugely expensive climate and energy policies. As a result, energy prices and fuel poverty are rising in many countries. To meet the energy needs of today countries across the world need secure, reliable and low-cost forms of energy generation. If millions are left poorer and colder by flawed climate policies other countries are not going to adopt failure. Net Zero Watch will be campaigning for cost-effective alternatives that will make our societies greener, more resilient and more competitive. 

For consistent climate and international policies

The inability of the international community to agree legally binding CO2 reduction targets shows that unilateral climate policies have failed. Net Zero Watch will argue for the development of alternative approaches that are politically realistic and economically feasible.


Net Zero Watch is funded by private donations. In order to make clear its complete independence we do not accept gifts from either energy companies or anyone with a significant interest in an energy company.