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The EIA/ARI map only incuded 32 countries, here is the full picture, from an unattributable source.


I pointed out yesterday how the ARI study for the EAI didn’t include such obvious countries such as Russia, Indonesia or anyone in the Mid East. This one fills in the empty spaces.

Note here the size of the shale resources in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia is going to be, well, the Saudi Arabia of shale gas. But comparisons are now meaningless. Almost everyone in the world are now their own Saudi Arabia of gas, or have a neigbour who is one. Look at the map and we see that apart from Japan and Korea (so far, and think North), every major economy has at least the potential for years or decades or sometimes even centuries of their own natural gas.

Suddenly, previously held certainties of international politics are going the way of energy shortage.

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