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Why Roger Pielke Jr. Is Wrong On Climate Scepticism

In his piling on Simon Kuper’s effort in last weekend’s Financial Times to write-off the skeptics as irrelevant, Roger Pielke, Jr. writes:

The debate over climate science is over and has been won by those who assert a human influence on the climate system.

Sorry, Jr., but that was never the debate. The skeptics had always acknowledged that point, e.g., most notably through recognition of the urban heat island effect and land use

The debate was (is) over the climatic impact of manmade greenhouse emissions — and that is very much open to debate.

Jr. is so deluded that he thinks “The battle for public opinion has essentially been won” — or at least that’s how Kuper quoted him in the FT.

But putting aside any enviro-commissioned polls asking loaded questions of the woefully ignorant, thankfully our government is not designed to act on the basis of a real or perceived domestic mob and thankfully it doesn’t typically act in concert with the global mob.

So Jr.’s points are both wrong and irrelevant.

Junkscience, 3 December 2011