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Will Climate Obsession Bring Down Australia’s Liberal Party?

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg are giving a lot of no-but-yes waffle.

No, they won’t cut emissions rather than cut electricity prices, but, yes, they want emission targets and will stick with the Paris Agreement.

No, the Paris Agreement emissions targets don’t cost us, but, yes, Labor’s targets will.

No, Energy Minister Angus Taylor says he won’t back green schemes that cost plenty but don’t cut the temperature, but, yes, he’ll keep funding lots more renewable energy.

No, the answer to this (unspecified) bullying of Liberal women is not quotas for female MPs, but, yes, the Liberals need more of them.

No, Morrison won’t fight culture wars, but, yes, he thinks we need more religious freedom.

No, Morrison doesn’t think we should cut immigration, but, yes, there is a problem.

No, this new leadership isn’t a change from Turnbull, but, yes, Morrison said will be different “points of emphasis“.

The Liberals desperately need a clear new direction, but their new leaders seem too scared to give one.

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