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Wind Farm Owners Face Legal Threat Down Under

Lenore Taylor, The Guardian

The man who will chair [Australia’s opposition leader] Tony Abbott’s business advisory committee is among a group of country landholders threatening to sue a neighbouring farmer for “substantial damages” if their health or property values are harmed by his agreement to allow wind turbines to built on his property.

Maurice Newman, former chairman of the Australian Stock Exchange and the ABC and chair of Abbott’s three person panel of business advisors, was one of seven families in the Crookwell area who signed a legal letter to local farmer Charlie Prell threatening to sue if the wind farm went ahead and caused them nuisance or harm, including to their health or property values.

The letter urged Prell to seek legal advice as to whether he could break his contract with the wind farm proponent Union Fenosa.

Newman last week described subsidies for renewable energy as “a crime against the people” because higher energy costs hit poorer households the hardest and, in his opinion, the science of global warming was “somewhat in tatters” so there was no longer any logical reason to have them.

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