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Wind Farms Crisis Will Destroy ‘Wild Highlands Terrain’

Hamish Macdonell, Kat Lay, The Times

The Highlands may soon become saturated with wind farms and have no room for any more, a senior Highland councillor has warned.


A wind farm in Scotland.
Pressure is mounting to call a moratorium on any future wind farm developments
Times photographer, James Glossop

Thomas Prag, chairman of the Highland Council’s planning committee, spoke out as pressure mounted for members to call a moratorium on any future wind farm developments.

Councillor Prag insisted that a moratorium was not an option but he acknowledged that the Highlands might soon become full as far as wind turbines were concerned. There has been in explosion in onshore wind energy in the region ever since the SNP government made it clear that it was determined to make renewables the focal point of energy policy.

Alex Salmond has set the target of Scotland producing the equivalent of 100 per cent of its energy needs from renewables by 2020 — a target that can only be met with a massive expansion of wind energy production.

Some capacity is coming from offshore developments but it is easier for developers to build on land. As the Highlands have a lot of undeveloped land, it is one of the areas to have experienced the fastest growth in wind farm projects.

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