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World Champions In Climate Hypocrisy: German Govt Employees Took 265,000 Flights Last Year

Deutsche Welle

The bulk of air travel was 200,000 short-haul domestic trips from Berlin — a revelation that runs contrary to Angela Merkel’s call on Germans to curb CO2 emissions.

German federal government employees and civil servants traveled by plane 10% more in 2019 than the year before, newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported on Sunday, citing data from the Environment Ministry.

Federal government employees took a total of 265,823 individual flights in 2019, compared to 238,607 in 2018.

The data was released by the German Environment Ministry in response to a parliamentary inquiry filed by the country’s business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP).

The 2019 figures, however, were lower than those seen in 2017, when federal employees took 276,189 flights.

The numbers do not include flights made by Germany’s air force. 

The number of short-haul flights — which have been criticized by climate activists for being particularly bad for the environment — went up by 12% last year to 204,692. The number of medium- and long-haul flights also increased. 

In total, people employed by the German state traveled just under 386 million kilometers (240 million miles) by air in 2019, up from 350 million done the year before. 

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