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One Year Ago: ‘Experts’ Blamed Warm March Weather On Global Warming

Real Science

March 29, 2012

‘March summer’ linked to global warming

An early “March summer” in Canada and the United States with record high temperatures may be a symptom of global warming, researchers said.

“We’ve never seen these kinds of temperatures before,” Dave Phillips, a senior climatologist at Environment Canada, said. “It’s quite remarkable.”

“The duration, areal size, and intensity of the ‘summer in March’ heat wave are simply off-scale,” Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground Web site in San Francisco said. “The event ranks as one of North America’s most extraordinary weather events in recorded history.”

‘March summer’ linked to global warming – Disaster News Network

Complete nonsense – March 2012 was not as warm as March 1910, and these same geniuses are blaming the cold during March 2013 on global warming.

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